Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cover Wars

For the month of March, I'm excited to participate in the March Cover Wars hosted by The Masquerade Crew. Check out their awesome site and remember to vote for your favorite covers daily! Participate for the chance to win some fabulous books.


Everyone wants something from her.

Elena Gilbert is breaking free. Without emotions holding her back, she can walk away from the Salvatore brothers and friends who remind her of a life she no longer has. Rebekah and Klaus Mikaelson, members of the Original family, take her under their wing. Elena leaves her past behind and faces an unknown future.

Cover Designed by: Me! LucMac1
Title: The Vampire Diaries: Breaking Free
Series: Revelations Vol. 1

Author: L. Maci
Publication Date: February 7, 2014
Length: 22 pages, 6200 words
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Suitable for: Ages 18+ (nothing too graphic, but Damon can't control his potty mouth!)

Elena tossed and turned, her sleep fitful. At her first opportunity, she would drive a stake through Damon’s cold, dead heart. Okay. She was being melodramatic. At the very least, she owed him a painful neck snapping. Vampires loved a good neck snapping. Personally, she found it to be therapeutic.

“There you are, sleeping beauty.”

“Klaus? What are you doing here? Get out of my room!” She hit him with a pillow.

“A pillow? I am an Original and the best you can manage is a pillow?”

Elena remembered his every misdeed that caused her and her family harm. Yet, in his presence she felt nothing. The emptiness she experienced granted her a sort of peace. It had been a long time since she and peace were friends. “At the moment, yes.”

“Disgraceful, I expected more from you.”

“Get used to it. I often disappoint people. It’s kinda my thing.”

He smiled, a predator stalking his prey. “Suddenly, Elijah’s fascination with his doppelganger does not seem so preposterous.”

“Uh-uh. Do not compare me with Katherine. Besides sharing the same face, we are nothing alike.”

“I am intrigued. Care to indulge me by sharing some more?”

“For instance, I won’t pretend to love you so I can get my way. I won’t seduce you, use you, and ruin you in the process. And I won’t run away, leaving others to pay for my misdeeds.”

He steepled his fingers and leaned forward. “Yes. The appeal is there. It must have been buried under your boring, human-self.”

Screw it. She hit him with the pillow again.

His smile spread, his dimples deepening.

Huh. Klaus’ old world handsomeness caught her by surprise. How had she never noticed? Oh, right. Because of two brothers. And she had been blinded by her hatred.

“Cat got your tongue, sweetheart?”

She laid back down. “Something like that. I’m hungry.”

“Shall I order room service? Which begs the question, does Rebekah have any servants?”

“If you aren't going to be helpful, get out.”

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